Statute of the CCAT

The Statute of the CCAT was adopted by the Conference of Heads of Government on 27th February 2019 in St Kitts & Nevis. It sets forth the general principles and sources of law that define the Tribunal’s function as well as the rules relating to its composition, jurisdiction, sessions, admissibility requirements, and setting compensation limits, among other issues.

Rules of Procedure of the CCAT

The Rules of Procedure of the Tribunal were adopted by the Tribunal on 17th February 2020 for the purpose of regulating the formal requirements and procedural steps necessary to submit a claim to the Tribunal. These Rules may be amended by not less than four of the Tribunal’s Members/Judges.

The complaint Form

Applications filed with the Tribunal must comply with the requirements of Rule VIII and Annex 1 of the Tribunal’s Rules. Applicants may use the form to complete and submit their applications.